Cold storage installation – professional consulting services

When customers have a preliminary design or idea for cold room or cold storage installation, we will help you design and make the idea possible by the most optimal way. Through our consulting services regarding to cold storage installation for food, large projects can be completed from the planning, consulting, design, and equipment supply and installation package.


Key characteristics of cold storage:

Cold storage walls and ceilings are assembled from heat-insulating panels

Warehouse platform was assembled from high density insulating panels; reinforced concrete is poured foam insulation enclosed.

Indoor ceiling or wall type cooler, defrost resistors.

Compressor Unit condenser assemblies are up in Vietnam or imported packaged at the request of customers.

Cold storage is stocked with electrodynamics: electrical panel displays all operating status of all incidents of cold storage and cold storage damaged. Also electrical panel can connect to PC and many other premium features Vietnam (optional), depending on the user requirements.


Should you need further information on cold storage installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hotline: 0923 199 968



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